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Frequently Asked Questions

Our policy  for vulnerable children

Every child and their family are always treated with respect and empathy, with high quality effective and culturally appropriate services by the Stratford Dental staff.

We realise that most children must be bought to our premises by another adult.  We recognise that transporting children may pose difficulties with adult work and family commitments or the lack of reliable transport for some families.

However, if staff at Stratford Dental had concern for the wellbeing of a child because the child was not brought for treatment, or for other presenting issues, the Stratford Dental staff may contact other providers for assistance or to even provide care, e.g:  contact a public health nurse or the referring practitioner to assist potentially with transport or other perceived issues.

If the child is not brought for care over an extended period and when the child is deemed to have significant issues such as significant pain and infection then a referral to Oranga Tamariki may be sought when all other avenues have been unsuccessful.

We’ve been asked:

Should a parent accompany a child into the treatment room?


Dentists frequently prefer that parents do not accompany children into the treatment room since they want to gain the child’s attention and establish control of the situation.

However, for the first visit, it can be comforting for the child to have a parent come along for the process of getting settled into the chair. Some children do much better with a parent there for support, while others may become unruly because they know they can manipulate their parents. Some parents just can’t relinquish their child to another’s care and may interfere unnecessarily, or they may distract the child with bribes, reprimands and conversation.

Mary Anne does like having parents in the room. But, she does prefer to establish one-to-one relationship with the child (as in asking parents to observe only).

Could you stay out of your child’s line of vision and don’t talk.

If your preschooler finds it comforting to hold your hand the dentist may agree to let you do this after the first 10 minutes

There may be some occasions when if treatment is not completed/not attended we are obliged to report this to other child providers.